How do I quit smoking? When do I know if it’s the right time to quit smoking? How do I support my partner or friend quit smoking? These are the questions that tens of thousands of people have asked themselves throughout the years.

HealthMerch knows that there is no perfect time to quit smoking. However, with the right support, proper education and awareness about the detrimental effects of smoking, we can help smokers hit the snooze button on smoking - forever.

Why is smoking or vaping bad?

For years, corporate marketing helped make cigarette smoking fashionable, desirable, sexy and in simple terms - socially acceptable. With scientific and medical advances and studies, the world has now come to realize the incredibly harmful effects that smoking has on a persons body. Because of this, smoking has been banned from many places across the country and across the world to create a healthier environment for the general public. However, the chemicals and nicotine within cigarettes have kept so many smokers hooked. So let’s take a look at the facts. 

  • Nicotine from cigarettes is as addictive as heroin
  • Cigarette smoking causes more than 480,000 deaths each year. This is nearly 1 in 5 deaths.
  • Cigarettes contain 70 cancer-causing chemicals including arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, lead, and mercury. At just the first puff, over 7,000 chemicals enter the lungs and bloodstream.
  • Smoking causes 90% of all lung cancer deaths. More women die from lung cancer each year than from breast cancer.

Did you know:

Learn more about the biological effects of smoking at 

How can I help a smoker quit smoking?

Quitting is a tough decision and one that needs to be made by the smoker. However, once they’ve made that commitment, it’s essential that they have support and encouragement through the process. 

Here are three simple things you can do to be supportive of the smoker in your life:

  1. Help them create and stick to their “Quit Plan”
  2. Get products that will help with the cessation process, things to fidget with, chew on, and keep them preoccupied
  3. Remove all references to smoking from the home/workplace including lighters, ash trays, and obviously cigarettes

Top Gifts + Promo Items For Smokers Trying to Quit

HealthMerch has a number of customizable items to help smokers quit their habit. Each item is customizable which means that a company or organization can add a personalized message with contact information, a design, or simply a positive message to the smoker. The items we recommend offer solutions for the smoker including, positive messaging, tactile objects for distraction, and items that are ideal for the oral fixation that smoking causes as well. 

Custom Tactile Objects to Quit Smoking

Fidget Stress Cube

A discreet, hand-held plastic fidget game is a perfect option for restless hands. Featuring several buttons and levers for distractions, the fidget stress cube can be imprinted with a single color logo and comes in 4 colors. 

Spinner Key Tag

This sleek, laser engraved keychain comes in three color options and offers the holder a quiet but effective way to release energy instead of grabbing another cigarette.

Stress Ball

Relieve stress at work or at home with our stress ball. This stress ball comes in multiple colors and is a perfect, lightweight and easy to ship item that is an ideal item for smokers and non-smokers alike.  

Ease Oral Fixation With These Custom Products

Customizable Sugar-free Gum Pack 

HealthMerch now offers a fully-customizable sugar-free gum pack. Create a back and front design to showcase information about the services you offer smokers or simply add your logo and contact information to entice recipients to engage with you online. 

Candy Pillow Pack

Customize this candy pouch by applying your design and information as well as the candy within! Sure to be a hit for people committed to quitting, smokers can choose from bubble gum, caramel chews, Jolly Ranchers, Tootsie Rolls, and other candy options. 

HealthMerch has a variety of different edible candies, sugar-free gum and mints that are all customizable and make a great handout for smokers with the goal of quitting. View our hand selected and recommended promotion items for smoking cessation here

Recommended Custom Products To Inspire Someone To Quit Smoking


Lip Balm

Hand Sanitizer

Top Phrases to Quit Smoking for 2020

Hit Snooze on Smoking

Smoking is Baad

Today is new day. Stay fresh!

Smoke Free for Meow

Smoking is ruff.

Be brighter, put down the lighter.

Stay woke. Don’t smoke.

Quit smoking tonight. Breathe easy tomorrow.

Don’t make an ash out of yourself.

Don’t be a BUTThead. 

Smoke less. Smile more.

Quit. The time is now.

I can’t breathe.